Saturday, April 26, 2008

The weather is turning nice again and that can only mean one thing....Mom is spending more time outside and less time inside with me.

It is nice and sunny today so they are working on the deck. Dad built a roof over part of it and Mom is helping. I am supervising through the glass door.

Every time Mom looks my way I give her my "I am not happy with you" look.

Here is my "I am REALLY not happy" look. Actually, I am looking into the sun so I have to squint a bit but I really am NOT happy!

I must admit though, Dad does really good work. His deck cover is turning out great and today they are putting up a ceiling fan. I just wish they would let me go out and see it up close (I keep trying to slip out there) but Mom says that is a definite NO NO.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Why on earth does Mom insist on taking my picture while I am sleeping? Sheesh! Can't a body have even one moment of peace?!

Mom and Dad went away to the coast. They left the beast and I home all alone. Thankfully he left me alone and Mom came home to an unscared face. Kitty hasn't been too bad lately. I think it is because he is so fat! He just lays around, the bum!!!! Mom and Dad have even renamed him.....Kitty Kong. HaHa

I will have to see if Mom has a picture I can share. :-)