Thursday, September 14, 2006

Well, they did it

They finished working on the kitchen. I didn't think they would ever get done. Every day they locked me in my room like I was being punished or something.

Last weekend, I got to help again. Mom and Dad put in the floor by themselves so I helped them out. Well, I thought I was helping, they just kept telling me to move out of the way.

I like our new floor. It is very comfy. Dad thinks it is cute that I like to lounge around with one foot tucked under me and the other one straight out front.

Here you can see Dad's new dishwasher and the new cabinets.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


Last night Dad let me help!

We put new trim around the window.

He keeps reaching into this bag. I wonder if it has food in it. I better check.

Kitty came and watched. He is too dumb to help.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Some really cool things are happening around here. Every morning Dad locks me in my bedroom (with my potty and some food and water). There are lots of loud noises coming from outside my door. Then Mom comes home and lets me out and there are new things to explore.

The other day I came out and all the kitchen cupboards were gone. Wow that room was big! The next day I came out and the kitchen floor was gone (and this yukky, dirty stuff was there...still is).

Then one day I came out and it smelled really bad but the walls are now such a pretty yellow!

And finally, after some very loud banging all day, I came out to lots of beautiful cupboards. I checked them all out. I just love the smell of new wood!! Plus the door handles are cold and shiny. (I know, I touched every one of them)

This remodeling is hard work though. I am exhausted!