Friday, July 14, 2006

Something is up around here. Mom and Dad have been gone every night this week and Mom hasn't cooked dinner in days. I keep hearing things like "new refrigerator" and "gutting the kitchen" and "I want gas". I really hate change. I hope they don't do anything too drastic!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Yesterday was July 4th. I am not big on that holiday. It is way too loud for me. The only good thing is that Mom shares her dinner with me. We had chicken. Yum! Dad had hotdogs. Yuk!

Dad got a new BBQ grill yesterday. I helped put it together. Dad didn't seem to appreciate my help. He kept taking the twist ties and screws away from me. I guess he doesn't realize just how helpful I am like Mom does.

When it got dark it got very loud outside. I tried to go to sleep but Kitty kept crying and keeping me awake. What a baby! Finally, Mom came into the house and went into her bedroom to read and Kitty smashed himself up against her for the whole time.

When it was bedtime and the house was dark the neighbors decided to make even more noise. They had these things that made very loud whistling noises. I realized that maybe Kitty wasn't as dumb as I thought. I jumped into bed with Mom and Dad and Kitty. It was very cozy. :-)