Thursday, December 21, 2006

I haven't blogged in quite a while. Mom has been busy cleaning and baking and working. But today she is on vacation so we are blogging. :-)

Mom and Dad got a new couch. It is the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on. I could sleep for days on it!

We set up our Christmas tree last week. I just love Christmas. The tree, the lights, the presents. I love to lie under the tree and peek through the branches and watch everyone.

I helped with the tree this year. Kitty and I did a thorough inspection before we let them decorate. We didn't want a defective tree in our house!

I also had to move some things around after they finished. Did you know, if you move your nativity out from under the tree it becomes a perfect step stool...Great for reaching those higher ornaments that sparkle so nicely.

Merry Christmas to everyone!