Friday, April 28, 2006

Dinner was soooooo good last night. Dad grilled up some chicken and hamburgers. I love grilled meat!!!!! Kitty thought he was being so smart. He insisted on being outside to "help" Dad cook. HaHa dumb Kitty. When dinner was served he was still outside somewhere. Gee it is just too bad that all the goodies that fell on the floor had to be eaten by little ol me. It was so yummy gobbling up all those nibbles of chicken and beef and not having to defend myself from those vicious claws. Yep, a wonderful, peaceful dinner! Poor dumb Kitty! LOL

Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining, it was so nice and warm. Mom opened up the glass door and I got to lay on the floor in the sun and smell the fresh air. The birds were singing (and eating away at the feeder just a few feet away). What more could a cat ask for?

Even Mom got a chance to enjoy the sun, she spent a few minutes Saturday potting some flowers. I wish she would bring them inside, I love flowers. They taste so yummy. :-)

Kitty even took advantage of the weather. He managed to sneak outside a couple times (which makes for a much quieter time inside for me). When he was inside he hopped up into Mom's bedroom window, which is quite a feat since he is quite tubby and the window is 4 feet off the floor. He hops onto the bed then makes the leap of a few feet over and up into the window. I have to say, when he jumps down the whole house shakes. HaHa

Saturday, April 15, 2006

My Mom must be getting lazy in her old age. She used to love to play with me but lately she pushes me away and tells me she wants to sleep. For the past 6 nights I have gone into her bedroom and asked her to play. Sometimes she just grumbles, sometimes she yells at me and once she swatted my fuzzy butt. I thought maybe she was just sleeping too deeply so after the first few nights of waking her at 4am I decided to try 3am. She was not happy. So last night I asked her (very nicely I might add) to play with me at 1:30am and when she tossed me off the bed I went back every hour until she FINALLY got up at 7:30am. Geez, by that time I didn't want to play, I just wanted breakfast.

Yep, Mom must really be getting old!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Mom and Dad went away last weekend and left me and the beast all alone. Talk about a wild weekend! They left us a ton of food and water and we had a ball. I think Kitty must have had way too much to drink though cause he spent most of the day on Sunday horking up hairballs. I laughed at him but he got even and scratched my face up pretty bad while I was asleep.

Over all it was a great party weekend. We ate, we drank, we played... but we sure were glad to see the folks come home on Monday. I jumped into Mom's lap and gave her a ton of kisses. Kitty did the same with Dad. Yep, it's great to have a weekend alone but we sure did miss them a lot!

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, it has been pretty exciting around here. Dad was listed as the webmaster's choice for the month of April at the national model railroading website. He is so proud. Someday he hopes to be as famous as me.

This morning I realized that Kitty is pretty dumb. Well, I knew that but I figured out a way to take advantage of it. Dad fed us our soft food this morning while Mom was getting ready for work. When she came out into the kitchen, Kitty went over to tell her good morning. While his back was turned I ran over to his bowl and polished off the rest of his food. By the time he got back I was back at my dish slowly savoring every bite. HeeHee

Trust me, he won't starve, he has gained 3 pounds over the last year (I have lost just as much) so obviously he is eating his fair share and mine too.