Saturday, February 18, 2006

Mom has been really busy this week. She had to go to 3 anniversary parties and then we had company over for dinner one night, so this is the first time she has let me online.

Dad's sister and her husband came over for dinner. The sister's name is Cheryl (just like my mom) and her husband's name is Tucker (just like me) so we had two sets of Cheryl and Tucker! I liked Cheryl but I really liked Tucker. I mean, who wouldn't? He has such a cool name. He called me his little cuz! HeeHee

I usually don't come out and socialize much but since they kept calling my name (how was I supposed to know there were talking to the man and not me?) I finally came out and had a nibble of dinner. It was a chicken casserole and very yummy. I especially loved dessert. It was loaded with cream cheese and cool whip, two of my favorite things.

That was about all that happened this week. Mom is home for 3 days and busy at her desk so maybe we will have some fun this weekend.

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