Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Ok, I know everyone thinks I am a perfect little angel but sometimes I really am not. :-)

Last night Mom had Dad grill up some steaks for dinner. Mom, claiming she is looking out for my health, wouldn't let anyone give me nibbles. I begged and gave them every adorable look I have and I got nothing!

So, after dinner Mom's back was hurting and Dad said he wasn't in the mood to rinse dishes right then so they piled them on the counter. They went into the art room and I saw my chance. Since I have lost so much weight I can practically fly. I jumped right up onto that counter and helped myself to some leftovers. heehee They caught me 3 times before they finally cleaned off the dishes. I never did actually get a real bite, just a couple quick licks.

Now everytime Dad walks past me he tells me I am bad. Oh well, Mom still cuddles me and laughs and calls me ornery. That is why I love her! She would be perfect is she would have just given me a bite of steak! :-)

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