Sunday, April 23, 2006

What a wonderful weekend. The sun was shining, it was so nice and warm. Mom opened up the glass door and I got to lay on the floor in the sun and smell the fresh air. The birds were singing (and eating away at the feeder just a few feet away). What more could a cat ask for?

Even Mom got a chance to enjoy the sun, she spent a few minutes Saturday potting some flowers. I wish she would bring them inside, I love flowers. They taste so yummy. :-)

Kitty even took advantage of the weather. He managed to sneak outside a couple times (which makes for a much quieter time inside for me). When he was inside he hopped up into Mom's bedroom window, which is quite a feat since he is quite tubby and the window is 4 feet off the floor. He hops onto the bed then makes the leap of a few feet over and up into the window. I have to say, when he jumps down the whole house shakes. HaHa

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