Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Well, it has been pretty exciting around here. Dad was listed as the webmaster's choice for the month of April at the national model railroading website. He is so proud. Someday he hopes to be as famous as me.

This morning I realized that Kitty is pretty dumb. Well, I knew that but I figured out a way to take advantage of it. Dad fed us our soft food this morning while Mom was getting ready for work. When she came out into the kitchen, Kitty went over to tell her good morning. While his back was turned I ran over to his bowl and polished off the rest of his food. By the time he got back I was back at my dish slowly savoring every bite. HeeHee

Trust me, he won't starve, he has gained 3 pounds over the last year (I have lost just as much) so obviously he is eating his fair share and mine too.

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